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Empowering innovations in personal finance: TransferWise and BillGuard

With the recent #Occupy movement continuing to gather traction globally, I decided to investigate what disruptive technology innovations are lined up in personal finance. Democratizing governments and changing regulations may take some time – but we can challenge financial institutions by adopting new services that reduce our dependency on them and save us money  – … Continue reading

Social media maturity and evolving warchests

With the responsibility of procuring the right toolkit for managing the consultancy wing at work, I was recently thrown into the ever increasing cauldron of social media management and monitoring tools. Excited, at the prospect of fiddling around with new technologies and calling up some old connections, I started wondering how much of a problem … Continue reading

The world is Flattr’d? Who wants cake?

I think that Flattr is a great concept that deals with monetizing content on the web in a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ way. Over the past few years, collaboration and crowdsourcing, new ecosystems around winning products  and services (Sharemyplaylists is one of my favourites!) and open source architectures have helped organizations leapfrog into … Continue reading

In the pursuit of #Appyness

I’m an avid fan of ‘The Apprentice’ on the BBC, and it was great to see the grumpy and all-knowing Lord Sugar (wonder what he eats for breakfast? pink slips? (no pun intended!)) dish out a digital task for the wannabe apprentices for a change: design, develop and market a winning app that would be an overnight … Continue reading

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