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#Gamification of the #London public #transport network – Chromaroma

 have been following Chromaroma since it’s launch late last year. It’s a really cool concept that brings gamification into the not so exciting daily public commute network in London. Using the oyster card you can now take part in daily missions, campaigns, zone competitions and other games. The objective is to complete these games and earn achievements, … Continue reading

Should your digital marketing agency venture into SaaS?

This blog post is inspired by a research project that my team at Manchester Business School conducted to help a digital marketing agency The Good. During our research, we looked at various players in the interactive promotions industry who have invested heavily in technology. Players like Wildfire, Vitrue, Buddy Media, Strutta, Offerpop and many others have addressed the problem by providing … Continue reading

Bubble 2.0 #1: Understanding Systematic Risk

A lot has been written recently about Bubble 2.0. The current bubble. There have been posts on Techcrunch about the Bubble 2.0and we do have many people speaking about this, including Jason Calcanis and Mark Suster on This Week In. Jason was fuming about investments made by a firm DST (Digital Sky Technology) backed by Russian LLPs. His … Continue reading

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